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Known for their lovable disposition and characteristic empathy, our English Setters

serve with distinction as the finest therapy dogs. “He can read my mind, and I can

read his,” Corey Ford once said of his own pup. Our setters excel at spreading joy

and boosting spirits at hospitals, residential care homes, and schools. When the

“visiting bandanas” come out, they get as excited as though we were heading out

for a run in the fields.


Our setters have given happiness to homesick college students, elderly folks with

limited mobility, and bed-rest hospital patients; it is not uncommon to find one of

the dogs on the floor, happily (and tolerantly) getting patted and prodded for a half-hour or more.


Some of our dogs’ favorite therapy friends are the mentally ill, many of whom are so closed off that they cannot even make eye contact with another person. Young elementary-aged students will often practice speech, language, and reading skills for the dogs, who accept their mistakes and successes alike with a lick and a wagging tail. Our English Setters are all evaluated and registered by Pet Partners (formerly Delta Society), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated and recognized for its work bringing pet therapy to those in need. We have seen pet therapy work countless times, and we are proud to work with Pet Partners to enrich people’s lives.


For more information about Pet Partners, go to:

Burdock surrounded by students  at the University of Vermont

English Setter, Pet Therapy, Therapy dog
English Setter, pet therapy, therapy dog
English Setter, pet therapy, therapy dog

Squire surrounded by students and other therapy dogs  at the University of Vermont

Shire sharing some love with Becky Higgins!

Pet Therapy

Burdock with another Therapy dog at UVM

English Setters, Vermont State Hospital, pet therapy, therapy dogs

LC and Cider ready to visit at the former VT State Hospital

English Setter, Therapy Dog, Pet Therapy

Squire practicing his therapy skills with Dolly, age 100!

English Setter, Therapy Dog, Pet Therapy, University of Vermont

Burdock surrounded by students  at the University of Vermont


Pet Partners Identification Badges

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